Our Products

We offer a wide variety of annual plants such as Petunia, Viola, Pelargonium, Dianthus, Osteospermum, Vinca and many more.

We have these plants available in small pots or hanging pots.

We have shrubs like Eugenia, Metrosideros, Callistemon, Pittosporum, Hibiscus, etc.

They are available in ball or small bush form.

We have palms too such as Arecastrum, Archontophoenix, Washingtonia, Cyca, Phoenix Roebelenii, etc.

We have a wide variety of cactus and succulents, from small collection plants to larger common plants.

We have aromatic plants, such as Parsley, Coriander, Basil, Mint, etc.

We have indoor plants available.
From small plants ideal for a gift, such as orchids, to larger plants for decorating interior spaces.
We have Orchids, Sansevierias, Ferns, Bromelias, Zamioculca, Kentia, Areca and many more species.

We have a wide variety of climbing plants such as Bougainvillea, Jasminum, Mandevilla, Hardenbergia, Pandorea, Dipladenia, etc.

These plants are ideal for covering fence nets or decorating a pergola.

Water Plants are amazing for decorating your fish pond.

We have plants for the deeper areas of the pond such as Nymphaea and plants for the border like Pontederia, Equisetum, Iris, etc.

Terracotta pots look amazing in any garden and provide more space for plants to grow.

We have different sizes and colors of terracota pots and some plastic pots too.

We have a wide range of planting soil. There is availability of universal soil or special soil for cactus, orchids, acid plants, etc. We have Pine Bark, Decorative Stones, Expanded Clay, Peat. We also have some fertilizers.

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